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Custom Prosthetic Eyes Queensland

Needing a Prosthetic Eye Specialist generally doesn’t happen due to good news. With Nicholas Puls, you can be assured that the care you receive, similar to his custom prosthetic eyes, certainly does not come one size fits all. With Nicholas there by your side, he can help you with both the psychological and physical journey that goes hand in hand.


What makes Nicholas Puls the leader for prosthetic eyes in Queensland and Northern NSW? 

Choosing the right clinic can be difficult to find when you are in pursuit of high level of care. Whether it is for yourself or for your loved one and their prosthetic eye, our Queensland and Northern NSW clinics are here to help. 


If you’re unable to travel up to care for your prosthetic eye in Brisbane, Nicholas Puls regularly treats patients in his clinics in northern NSW.


Keep your friends and family guessing. With your new artificial eye carefully crafted you’ll feel confident that people won’t even notice!

Swift Turn Around

Initially you’ll need to take approximately 4-6 weeks to heal. In the background, Nicholas Puls will be working away to prepare to measure, create and fit your custom prosthetic eye in just a week post recovery.


Customisation is key to ensure that your new prosthetic is comfortable and made just for you. This combined with ongoing support, we are confident that you will not only be comfortable but also reduce ongoing potential unexpected prosthetic eye costs.

Leading Specialist & Artist

Feel at ease that you are in the hands of an highly experienced prosthetic eye specialist. With consistent research in the latest technology and care in the details, your new eye is created.


Every patient requires a different level of care, but one thing is guaranteed we want to make sure that you have every chance to regain your confidence by maintaining competitive prosthetic eye costs & optional payment plans, if required.


Transforming Lives In Just 3 Steps

After you have healed from your surgery you will be able begin the next steps in your journey. To help you prepare your consultation will not only take you through prosthetic eye costs but we take the time to find out what you need to help you through the whole process.

When you’re ready to start the process to create your prosthetic eye, our Brisbane clinic, and the Nicholas Puls ‘3-Step Program’ will be right there with you. 

Over a week we aim to have you in for three visits to complete the following: ​

1. Impression is made, wax fit/shaping the prosthesis and colour matching
2. First fit and instructions on how to insert and remove your eye
3. Final fit and any adjustments, if necessary

Did you know that a correctly fitted, well-made artificial eye is tailored so that it should never hurt you?

Regain your confidence with a master craftsman helping you heal

Speak to Nicholas Puls about how you can experience the comfort and confidence of a perfectly matched gaze that will have family and friends focused on you, and not your eyes.

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