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Treating More Than The Eye With Ocular Prosthesis

Treating the effects of Microphthalmia, Anophthalmia, Retinoblastoma and other injuries or trauma to the eye is extremely complex. Not only physically but the consequential events can also inhibit psychology recovery. Clinical Ocular Prosthetics is generally recommended in the event that a defect of the eye results in removing part or all of the eye orbit. Thanks to the leaps and bounds taken in clinical ocular prosthetics, patients that consider ocular prosthetics can regain some normality in their visual appearance and inevitably regain their confidence too.


A Brighter Future For Isabelle

One day, her mother noticed something wasn’t quite right and unfortunately it turned out to be multiple tumours causing her left eye to be removed. 

Nicholas Puls came into Isabelle’s and her family’s lives when she was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma. He carefully crafted her artificial eye to perfectly match Isabelle’s remaining eye. 

Now 5-years-old, Isabelle looks forward to the chocolate frog she receives on her visits with Nicholas Puls as he cares for her prosthetic eye. 

This journey while not a positive beginning can be made so much easier with care and support of a specialist Ocularist like Nicholas Puls. 

Patient One-On-One Support

In order to support patients that have undergone severe eye trauma it takes considerable care and empathy from a specialist that is highly skilled in ocular prosthesis.

Nicholas Puls has worked his way up over many years to become one of Australia’s leading ocularists. Nicholas works in close relationships with ophthalmologists, oncologists and parents of children with microphthalmia, anophthalmia and retinoblastoma to achieve the best results for these conditions.

It is both his high skill set in creating an amazing ocular prosthesis and bedside manner that has resulted in patient stories just like Isabelle’s.

Isabelle's story artificial eyes Queensl

Regain your confidence with a master craftsman helping you heal

Speak to Nicholas Puls about how you can experience the comfort and confidence of a perfectly matched gaze that will have family and friends focused on you, and not your eyes.

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