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Prosthetic Eye Polishing

Booking Your Artificial Eye Polishing Appointment Is Essential For The Longevity Of
Your Prosthetic Eye

Our Brisbane and Northern NSW Clinics offer prosthetic eye polishing services to all of our new and existing clients. It is Nicholas Puls hope that with ongoing care and support you can maintain your artificial eye and keep others guessing over which one it is.


Why should you book yearly prosthetic eye
polishing appointments? 

Consistent Comfort

With regular visits, your Ocularist can make sure that:

- The high polish to your eye is restored

- We double-check your eye socket and surrounding tissue health

- We review your personal eye maintenance

Lengthen The Time Between Replacement

With regular care, this can seem to extend the lifespan of your artificial eye. At our clinic we want to not only ensure you feel great but you get the most out of each artificial eye.

One-On-One Care

You are more than a patient with our specialist Ocularist, Nicholas Puls. He believes in building an ongoing relationship that supports you and your artificial eye journey for the long term.

Can’t remember the last time you visited
your Ocularist?

If you can’t remember your last visit, chances are that you might be overdue to check in and make sure your prosthetic eye is sitting comfortably and is correctly aligned.

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