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Artificial Eye Drops

Medical-Grade Eye Drops for Prosthetic Wearers

Artificial eye drops is a medical-grade silicone lubricant specially formulated for prosthetic eye wearers. There are a variety of environments and conditions that deplete tear film and can cause dryness, irritation, difficulty blinking or increased drainage for wearers of artificial eyes.


These include air conditioning and cold environments, dry heat, dust, smoke, brightly lit environments and extensive TV watching and computer use. Quality artificial eye drops can help to relieve any uncomfortable symptoms experienced in these other environments. 


How do prosthetic eye lubricant drops work? 

Prosthetic eye lubricant drops provide relief from dryness and irritation by increasing the tear film that coats the surface of your artificial eye. By coating the prosthetic surface with a silicone lubricant that lubricates, boosts the lipid layer and prevents the aqueous layer from evaporating, eye drops provide often much-needed comfort and a more natural appearance. 

Artificial Eyes Queensland stocks OPSIL Artificial Eye Lubricant in Standard and Heavy Viscosity. The higher viscosity artificial eye lubricant drops tend to last longer and are usually the best choice for severe dry eyes, but lower viscosity lubricants are recommended for prosthetic eye wearers with low tear volume as they help to boost the aqueous layer. 

OPSIL Artificial Eye Lubricant can be ordered online for $20 plus postage & packaging. If you need help choosing the right eye drops, don’t hesitate to contact Artificial Eyes Queensland
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