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Feel Comfortable and Confident Again

Have you lost an eye from anophthalmia, microphthalmia, retinoblastoma, an injury or trauma? There’s no need to hide behind dark sunglasses or an eyepatch, or even worse, avoid living the life you want to live. 

Queensland’s leading artificial eye specialist, Nicholas Puls, can tailor a custom prosthetic eye that matches your companion eye’s gaze, prominence, symmetry and iris size so precisely, even your closest friends and family will wonder which of your eyes is artificial. 

When you choose Queensland Artificial Eyes to recreate your eye as a prosthetic, you’ll never feel like just another client — you’ll benefit from a caring, ongoing relationship that provides the specialist care and support your artificial eye requires.


The Nicholas Puls ‘3-Step Program’ — Transforming lives in 3 steps

You’ll need to wait about 4 to 6 weeks for your eye socket to heal after surgery. Once you’re ready to visit our artificial eye clinic in Brisbane, the Nicholas Puls ‘3-Step Program’ begins. Whether you’re an adult or a child, the program takes about a week and involves three visits: 

1st Visit — Impression is made, wax fit/shaping the prosthesis and colour matching

2nd Visit — First fit and instructions on how to insert and remove your eye

3rd Visit — Final fit and any adjustments if required

Revisits — When should you revisit Artificial Eyes Queensland? 

Ongoing checkups and prosthetic maintenance are essential to ensuring that your artificial eye remains clean and comfortable to wear, and lasts its expected lifespan. For adults, your prosthesis should last 3 to 5 years. 

Prosthetic eye polishing should take place every 6 to 12 months to remove protein deposits which pose a risk of irritation and can lead to papillary conjunctivitis and other infections. Having your prosthetic eye polished regularly also helps to correct issues such as difficulty blinking, unnatural eyelid motion and excessive discharge. Regular polishing also helps to keep your artificial eye looking its best and maintains its lustre and natural appearance. 

When you make an appointment at our artificial eye clinic in Brisbane or another location in Queensland or Northern NSW, our experienced prosthetic eye specialist will: 


  • Make sure your artificial eye is sitting comfortably and is correctly aligned

  • Restore the high polish to your prosthetic eye

  • Check the health of the eye socket and surrounding tissue

  • Help you review your eye maintenance protocols

  • Provide expert maintenance to lengthen your artificial eye’s lifespan 

Don’t hesitate to contact Artificial Eyes Queensland if you have any questions about your prosthetic eye, require an adjustment to increase comfort or need reassurance that all is fine. 

6 reasons patients choose Artificial Eyes Queensland 

  1. Easily accessible — If you’re unable to travel to artificial eye clinic in Brisbane, meet at one of our clinics on the Gold Coast (Southport) or Northern NSW (Ballina, Maclean).

  2. Turnaround times to suit — After the initial 4 to 6-week healing period, we’ll create and fit your custom prosthetic eye in a timeframe that suits your needs.

  3. Master craftsman — Our prosthetic eye specialist has served over 3,500 patients and is highly skilled at marrying art with science to recreate your eye.

  4. Confidence — Look others square in the eye. Having a custom prosthetic eye that looks just like your companion eye provides a confidence boost. 

  5. Comfortable — Your prosthetic eye is tailored to ensure a comfortable fit and is backed up with specialist aftercare support. 

  6. Payment options — Your custom prosthetic eye is cost-effective and to relieve any financial fears you may have, AfterPay and payment plans are available if required.


Ready to speak with the leading artificial eyes specialist in Brisbane?
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