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Artificial Eyes and After Care 

Leading Expert In
Artificial Eyes Queensland

Comfortably match your gaze with renowned prosthetic eye expert, Nicholas Puls

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The loss of an eye is devastating no matter what your age, but the hope that prosthetic (artificial) eye restoration brings you is at the heart of your healing process. 

Nicholas Puls can help you if you have lost your eye from:

• Microphthalmia
• Anophthalmia 
• Retinoblastoma
• Injury
• Trauma

Benefits of a Nicholas Puls consultation


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Feel assured you are in the hands of a trusted, UK trained master craftsman, having served more than 3,500 satisfied patients 

Child Specialist

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Watch your child comfortably & calmly appreciate their fitting, with their fears allayed by an understanding practitioner

After Care

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Discover why so many are finding greater artificial eye care & ongoing support after their Nicholas Puls consultation

Isabelle's story artificial eyes Queensl

Positive results for a brighter future 

Isabelle's Story

At 5-years-old, Isabelle looks forward to the chocolate frog she receives on her visits with Nicholas Puls, her specialised ocularist in Brisbane. Nicholas Puls has been responsible for her artificial eye care. Her left eye was removed after her Mum noticed what she described as a “ghost” in Isabelle’s eyes. It was eventually discovered to be multiple tumours.

Diagnosed with Retinoblastoma, one eye could not be saved. That’s when leading ocularist Nicholas Puls entered Isabelle’s and her family’s lives. He carefully crafted her artificial eye in the Brisbane clinic to perfectly match this bright little girl’s remaining eye. Since then, Nicholas Puls has been there to support Isabelle with a new eye as she has grown, and to regularly service and maintain her shiny-eyed smiles.

Patient Stories

My recent eye was made by Nick Puls.  Nick is a breath of fresh air.  His attention to detail was not only directed towards my eye but towards my personal psychological journey as well.  He made me feel that I mattered. Nick put in as much time as I needed. Not once did he ever make me feel that I couldn’t ask for further changes because he altered my prosthetic eye to whatever standard perfection was for me, and that meant as long as it took – hours, days, weeks or months

E. L.

6 Reasons to call Nicholas Puls at Artificial Eyes Queensland

Eyes are so precious for your confidence and how others perceive you. Discuss your artificial eye with Queensland's renowned ocularist & eye prosthetics expert, Nicholas Puls.


If you’re unable to travel to Artificial Eyes Brisbane, meet at one of Nicholas Puls' clinics in key northern NSW townships.



Look at others square in the eye, with even your family unable to work out which eye is artificial.

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Turn Around Times To Suit

After your initial 4 – 6 weeks of healing, we will create and fit your custom-made eye in a timeframe that suits your needs.

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Experience a custom-made eye, tailored to fit, with aftercare support for ongoing comfort.

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Master craftsman

Feel the relief of being in the hands of a thorough & detailed expert, marrying art with science to recreate your eye.

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Payment options

Relieve your financial fears with competitive pricing, AfterPay and payment plans, if required.

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Patient Stories

Nick has been looking after our daughter’s prosthetic eye. 
He is very professional and patient. We are very happy and her eye looks great. Highly recommend.

K. P.


Your Eye - Tailor Made

There’s no need to hide behind dark sunglasses or an eye patch...or avoid going out to live your life.

Today’s modern prosthetic eyes are tailored with such precision that in the hands of leading ocularist for Brisbane and rural QLD, Nicholas Puls, your gaze, iris size, eye prominence, symmetry and even the line of your eye-lashes is considered when he shapes and crafts your matching eye.

Did you know NSW patients can meet with Nicholas Puls at an artificial eye clinic in Ballina and Maclean?

Patient Stories

Nick made me feel and look like a normal person by giving me a new eye. He did such an incredible job that I don’t even know it’s there.  It is very comfortable and my friends don’t know which eye is the artificial one. Nick was very professional and showed a lot of empathy. My family and I will be forever grateful to him for everything he has done for me. Thank you, Nick.

L. B.

3 steps to transforming yours, or your child’s life

Immediately after surgery, you will have about a 4-6 week wait for your eye socket to heal. But once you’re ready, the Nicholas Puls ‘3-Step Program’ begins. It’s a quick turn-around, taking about 1 week, whether you are an adult or a child:

Screen Shot 2019-12-18 at 1.45.33 pm.png

Clients are invited to return after 3 weeks to review the fit to ensure they are comfortable and confident.

Did you know you can wear your artificial eye made by our clinic during everyday activities, from showering to water sports?


Meet your Ocularist –Nicholas Puls

Nicholas Puls is a talented ocularist, UK trained in the craft of fusing science and art to re-create a window to the soul.  

After years spent in London, consulting at Moorfields Eye Hospital as a Senior Ocularist in both the children and adult departments, Nicholas Puls returned to Australia and opened Artificial Eyes Queensland. He has also consulted with the National Artificial Eye Service while working abroad in Belfast, Northern Ireland. 

Nicholas works in close relationships with ophthalmologists, oncologists and parents of children with microphthalmia, anophthalmia and retinoblastoma to achieve the best results and management of these conditions.

Maintaining your beautiful gaze

You are more than a client with Nicholas Puls, who will build an ongoing relationship to support you with your artificial eye’s lifelong specialist care.

When should you re-visit Nicholas Puls Artificial Eyes?

An affordable visit once a year will:

• Make sure your artificial eye is sitting comfortable and is correctly aligned
• Restore the high polish to your eye
• Allow the checking on the health of the eye socket and surrounding tissue
• Help you review your own eye maintenance protocols
• Help lengthen the lifespan of your artificial eye, which in an adult, should last between 3 to 5 years.

When should you call him?

Any time — especially if you have questions, require adjustments or need reassurance that all is fine.


Patient Stories

My wife has had an artificial eye for 50+ years and throughout that period has had several different versions, starting with a glass blown one.  She says that this one that Nick has made is the most comfortable she has ever worn.  Nick was unrelenting in getting the pupil size and colour match perfect and she highly recommends his professional services.  Coupled to that, Nick is a gentleman and a perfectionist with a ton of patience.

F. C.

Did you know that a correctly fitted, well-made artificial eye is tailored so that it should never hurt you?


Regain your confidence with a master craftsman helping you heal 

Speak to Nicholas Puls about how you can experience the comfort and confidence of a perfectly matched gaze that will have family and friends focused on you, and not your eyes.

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